Torrent RM Video Splitter 1.96

Torrent RM Video Splitter is a powerful RM video splitter to split RM video files into several video clips. It split RM video file efficient and faster than the normal RM splitter,all for its unique technique-no decoding process.

Torrent RM Video Splitter 1.96

Torrent RM Video Splitter is a powerful RM video split software, which help you split RM video file easily.Using an unique technique- no re-encoding process, Torrent RM Video Splitter not only has a super fast video split speed, but also maintains the good image quality of the source video.With its own advantage in splitting speed and image quality, Torrent RM Video Splitter works faster and more efficient than other similar video split softwares.

Torrent RM Video Splitter is friendly and intuitive, easy and convenient to split a RM video file. Video can be split accurately by setting start point and end point. Previewing is supported by our RM video splitter. Split video can be easy and quick with Torrent RM video splitter.

1. Functions:
* RM splitter, supports rm, rmvb format video splitting.
* Split RM video without re-encode process.

2. Features:
* With friendly and intuitive interface, a user-friendly RM video splitter.
* Fast RM splitting speed.
The RM video splitting process will only take 1/3 time compared with normal RM video splitters due to the unique technology.
With no re-encode process, Torrent RM video splitter split faster than others.
* Split RM video quality is as good as the the source RM video.
* File format will be retained after the RM video split process.

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